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HENRY 517 多用途界面剂

● 适用于各种吸收性及多数非吸收性基层
● 快干、不滴流,粘结强度高
● 耐潮湿,室内外皆适用,环保无溶剂


● 适用于各种吸收性及多数非吸收性基层

● 快干、不滴流,粘结强度高 

● 耐潮湿,室内外皆适用,环保无溶剂



● HENRY517为单组份、开桶即用、无溶剂的界面剂,使用方便有效且快速容易,干固后形成绝佳拉毛效果的界面层,提供后续强而有效的接着界面,倒吊天花界面涂刷不滴流。适用于室内外墙、地、天花等部位的各种基面上,原始基层可为吸收性或非吸收性,涂刷HENRY517之后的拉毛效果可用于瓷砖上直接贴瓷砖或是瓷砖上施工自流平,适用于地暖系统



● 基层需坚固、清洁、干燥、无油脂和脱模剂,需彻底清除任何松脱的外层



● 颜色:白色

● 状态:液态

● 固含量:≥70%

● 密度:1.5kg/L

● 用量:约200g/㎡(视基层密实程度及平整度而异)



● 乳液型界面处理剂,用于墙地面吸收性基层如混凝土、水泥砂浆、石膏基层的底涂,即封闭基层的毛细孔和缝隙,降低多孔性基层的吸收性;同时增强基层的界面附着力,起粘接桥的作用。经底涂后的基层可以进行亨历自流平找平层的施工。



● HENRY517直接开桶沾涂即可,以短毛辊筒或一般刷漆用毛刷施工,涂刷时尽量均匀覆盖基面,待其风干,形成白色带细微砂粒面的拉毛效果。当基层吸水率较大时,可添加约10-12%的清水先行搅拌均匀后再进行涂刷。HENRY517的干燥时间视基层的吸水率及施工环境温湿度而异,在20℃温度条件下约60分钟左右。桶中剩余料应在使用后立即密封,避免风干及遭受污染,操作时避免在基层温度5℃以下低温施工。



● HENRY517界面剂适合温度在+5℃至+35℃,湿度在75%以下使用,避免在5℃以下低温施工。在其它气候环境,干燥时间会相应延长或缩短。不建议使用在长期泡水环境中,不建议直接使用在金属基面、沥青、环氧树脂和聚氨酯表面,上述界面处理请咨询技术人员。若不慎溅入眼睛,应用大量清水冲洗后就医,若误吞食时,应尽量喝大量的水后就医。



● 7.5kg/桶。本品在室内温度25℃及相对湿度50%、阳光不直射的干燥环境下,未开封原包装时保质期为12个月。防止冰冻、曝晒。




Suitable for a wide range of absorbent and non-absorbent

substrates. Rapid drying,virtually eliminate drips,high bond strength.Moisture resistant - for internal and external use,solvent free system.



HENRY517 Primer is a ready mixed, rapid drying, multi-purpose, drip free solvent free primer. HENRY517 Primer can be used on internal and external walls, ceilings and floors. The consistency of HENRY517 Primer has been optimised so that dripping and splashes are virtually eliminated. For use prior to the installation of tile adhesives and floor-levelling compounds. HENRY517 Primer produces a textured grip which facilitates tile on tile application, eliminating the risk of adhesives slipping when being applied to smooth surfaces.


Surface Preparation:

Surfaces should be firm, sound and free from dust, dirt, water soluble materials, excess adhesive residues and other barriers to adhesion. Polish, wax, grease etc, should be removed using degreaser prior to suitable mechanical preparation.



HENRY517 Primer is a ready mixed and ready to use primer. Apply a thin, even coat with a short pile roller or paint brush. Apply the primer evenly and allow sufficient coverage on the substrate so that once dry it will give an opaque white, film. This should not be a translucent or

transparent film. Before applying tiling or flooring products, leave to dry to form a thin even white film. The drying time depends on the temperature and absorbency of the substrate, typically 30-60 minutes at 20°C . On certain substrates in favourable conditions this can be as little as 30 minutes. High temperatures and absorbent substrates will shorten the drying time.

At lower temperatures and on dense substrates the drying time will be extended . Once dry there is no time limit on how long before subsequent compounds or products must be applied but we recommend this is done as promptly as possible to avoid surface contamination or damage to the primed floor. Reseal opened packaging after use to avoid evaporation and contamination. To facilitate application onto absorbent substrates, HENRY517 Primer may be

diluted with up to 1/4 litre of water per 2kg tub or 1 litre of water per 8kg tub. Use surfaces where the temperature is at least 5°C and rising.


Technical parameters:

Color: white

State: liquid

Solid content:≥ 70%

Density: 1.5 kg/L

Consumption: about 200 g / ㎡ (depending on the grassroots close-grained degree and the roughness)



HENRY517 Primer is not recommended for submerged locations such as swimming pools or substrates such as metal, mastic asphalt, excess adhesive residues, Polyurethane and Epoxy coatings. HENRY517 Primer is an aqueous synthetic based dispersion. Wash off from skin before drying takes place. Any material splashed into the eye, mouth or nose should be ashed away immediately with clean water. Avoid ingestion. Small amounts are unlikely to cause more than temporary discomfort. If large amounts are swallowed, seek medical advice.


Packaging and storage:

7.5 kg/barrel. HENRY517 Primer has a storage life of 12 months in the original unopened containers. Prevent freezing and exposure.